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    Kamal Consulting


    Business opportunity
    We're selling Domain, Brand, Website
    Social networks and Kamal stationary

Kamal Consulting

Unique Business Opportunity - Acquire the Kamal Consulting Brand

Following the growth and restructuring of the group companies and brands, it was decided to place on the market the Kamal Consulting brand, since it no longer makes sense to use it in the context of our business.

In the Kamal Consulting sale process, the domain kamalconsulting.com, brand logos, social networks - Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+ are included, as well as all elements of graphic design and the stationary in digital format.

This is a unique business opportunity limited to the best offer over the sale base value.

To learn more about the sale process and values, please contact us through the online form with the subject "Kamal Consulting Acquisition "


Why buying Kamal Consulting


An appealing and strong brand

Kamal Consulting, as a brand is appealing in name and design, attracting and retaining customers for its value.


Online Expansion

Kamal Consulting has been online for more than four years, so its positioning in search engines, such as Google, is already consolidated, which in itself, in terms of marketing, is a huge asset.



Basically, you have everything to start with a minimal investment, having a registered domain, website hosting with unlimited email setup, ready-to-print design and digital assets to use and more.